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Details and Gameplay

Download Grand Theft Auto V Full Version Free For PC. Grand Theft Auto V is a brand new open world adventure game by Rockstar games. The game is set to be released on Sept 17, 2013. It will be released on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Grand Theft Auto V is only of the most highly anticipated games in recent history. It is the first full game to be released in the last 5 years in the highly touted and admired Grand Theft Auto series.

The GTA series has 250 million sales to this date. A game like GTA being released is ultimately the equivalent of a Hollywood blockbuster.

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Fans are already lining up to get their hands on the new GTA V video game. Gamestop is planning on opening their stores early the night before. This shows you how big game is. It is expected to break records. Estimates have the GTA V game selling around 15 million units. GTA V is sure to battle it out with the new Call Of Duty game for the top dog in the video game industry. It is expected to give Call of Duty a run for its money.

GTA V is hoping to capitalize on the online revolution. GTA V allows players to play with up to 15 players simultaneously. Allowing players to explore the world with their friends. A lot of people are criticizing the addition of multiplayer to an action based game such as Grand Theft Auto. What made the Grand Theft Auto series, so popular has been the story telling and gameplay mechanics. Some feel as though the addition of multiplayer may have caused the developers to lose focus of what really sells the GTA franchise.

Rockstar believes that users will embrace the new online experience. They think that users will love to engage with their friends and explore the world around them. Consumer buzz has been generated from what Rockstar has unveiled thus far. Only time will tell if the multiplayer aspect of GTA gives fans something new.

Of course, it would not be a GTA game if they did not push the boundaries and create controversy. The new GTA release is expected to include controversial subjects such as; torture, master bating and the ability to do drugs (virtually of course).

The game is set to be free roaming and is supposed to be extremely large. When not involved or participating in missions, players will have the ability to explore the world around them. The game is set to introduce new vehicles that were never before available such as the fixed wing aircraft. The shooting and driving mechanics have both been entirely redone. They have been improved upon based on previous consumer feedback. To increase the pace of shoot outs, Rockstar removed hard locking, which happened to be a central mechanic in previous versions.

Finally, Grand Theft Auto will be released September 17th, 2013. It is likely to break records and set new bars for video game sales. GTA is one of the most loved and respected franchises ever in video game history. Rockstar continues to push out innovative games that push the boundaries of gaming. Users, to this day are still excited to experience the new world that GTA V will offer them. The story is bound to be fantastic and the gameplay, as well. GTA V is going to try to set the bar high for this holiday season releases. It will eventually have to compete with other heavy weights in; Call of Duty, Battlefield and more. It is definitely going to be an exciting Holiday season in the video game industry.

An excessively anticipated activity, Grand Theft Auto V was officially declared o-n 25 Oct 2011. The introduction trailer for your match was presented on two November 2011. No launch morning is declared.

In September 2009 for your duration of an earnings contact, Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick answered a listener’s query regarding the following Grand Theft Auto. H-e replied, ‘We are not gonna announce it, we’re not about to announce after we are planning to announce it, and we are not intending to announce a method about saying it or about after we’re prone to announce it sometimes, or regarding the announcement system encompassing the announcement of your system.’

In a November 2009 meeting assisted by the Occasions, Grand Theft Auto company Dan Houser talked about his work, together with the way forward for the series. Houser explained that he prepared to co-write a program that accomplished about an individual thousand pages long. Through the sam-e meeting, Houser described their standard workflow of creating new games within the series, which includes discovering most of the town first, after which the guide character later on. Get GTA V PC Download here at

Trailer Video and Gameplay


Release Date and Platform

Grand Theft Auto V is going to be launched in Q3 2012 in software including PC, and PS3

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP

Processor: 3 GHz Intel Pentium 4, 2.0 GHz Intel Dual Primary, AMD Athlon64 X2 OR better

Mamory: 1 GB XP / 2 GB Vista, Win-dows 7

Video/Graphics: 128 MB+ ATI Radeon X800, nVidia GeForce 7600, Intel HD Graphics 2000 OR better

Video Card Requirement: DirectX 9.0c suitable AND Shader type 2.0b OR better

Sound: DirectX 9.0c suitable sound card

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